Explore Oak Island Display

Explore Oak Island Display Chester Nova Scotia
20 Smith Road in Chester, Nova Scotia

The Explore Oak Island Display at the Chester Train Station is home to the Oak Island display featuring artifacts, pictures and information about the world famous treasure hunt. 

The Explore Oak Island Display is housed in the beautifully restored Chester train station, circa 1904, part of the former and historic Halifax/Southwestern Railway. It has been delighting visitors from around the world since June 2012.

Chester Municipal Heritage Station

Inside you will find a chronological interpretation of over 200 years of Oak Island history with original artifacts, photos, maps, unique dioramas, models, displays and items that can’t be seen anywhere else. Stained glass windows and other original art help explain the amazing and gripping Oak Island story. 

For more information on the Explore Oak Island Display click here

For more information call Danny Hennigar at 902-275-3718

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