Chester Skate Park

Chester Skate Park
3833 Nova Scotia Trunk 3 in Chester, Nova Scotia

The Municipality of Chester’s Recreation & Parks Team welcomes you to the Chester Skate Park which has the reputation from both skateboarders and BMXers as being one of the best parks in the province to ride. The size, design features and general atmosphere of the park attracts a wide range of age and skill level.

The Chester Skate Park is 14,500 square feet and consists of both a street and bowl section. Features include a quarter pipe bank, grind rails, fun box, angled hubba ledge wall and drop ledge in the street section and a shallow end with a waterfall drop to the deep end of the bowl section.

There’s also a Fixit station so park users can make repairs to their bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

For more information check out the Municipality of Chester Recreation & Parks page here

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