Chester Municipal Heritage Station

Chester Municipal Heritage Station
20 Smith Road in Chester, Nova Scotia

Built by Sir William MacKenzie and Donald Mann circa 1905 the old Chester Train Station was once a full service station built by for their Halifax and South Western Railway Company. 

A true landmark in the Municipality – the once busy old train station – is still a bustling stop but in all kinds of wonderfully new ways.

Now home to Station 20 Handcraft Shoppe & Museum – the store carries a wonderfully curated assortment of Nova Scotia handmade crafts, rugs, knitting, woodworking and more… plus vintage linens, and furniture for sale.

Station 20 Handcraft Shoppe & Museum

The Chester Municipal Heritage Society also houses historical displays here including the boat building industry in the Municipality, the history of gold mining and train station memories and more.

The station is also home to the Explore Oak Island Display which features incredible artifacts, historical pictures and inside information about the world-famous treasure hunt. For more on the display click here.

Explore Oak Island Display Chester Nova Scotia

The Forman Hawboldt Display, adjacent to the station features a display of pumps  and other machines manufactured and designed by Mr. Hawboldt.  He is credited with developing the make-and-break engine which heralded the demise of the sail powered fishing boats in our area and the world. 

The Chester Municipal Heritage Station is the first stop on the Chester Connection Trail and a great pit stop along the full length of the Rum Runners Trail. With a washroom and cold drinks this is the perfect place to rest up, and check out all that station has to offer.

Chester Farmers and Artisan Market

You’ll also find the Chester Farmers & Artisans Market set up out front from 9am to 1pm every Friday from late May to Early October.

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